2015 Floods

Please join us in our relief efforts!

devastating floods affect millions in myanmar

At the end of July Myanmar received a record amount of rainfall causing the worst flooding in the country in decades. One of the worst hit areas of the country was in the State of Chin which is a mountainous area located in the northwestern portion of Myanmar. Due to the mountainous terrain the excessive rains have caused massive landslides that have decimated the landscape. It's capitol city Hakha, was severely damaged with hundreds of homes destroyed and another thousand severely damaged. Reports have indicated that 4 out of the five districts of the city will have to be evacuated permanently.

Chin is one of the least developed areas of Myanmar and travel to this region consisted of traversing dirt roads which have now all been washed away. People seeking to leave the area have been stranded and aid by land almost impossible. Relief efforts have already begun with International help pledged from several neighboring countries. The government has also relocated families who have been left homeless to local refugee centers and airlifted food to the area. However, the need has surpassed the aid and more help is still needed. There have even been reports that some relief supplies were being sold for profit.

The majority of the Chin people are Christian unlike the rest of Myanmar, which is predominantly Buddhist. The Gospel was first brought to Chin at the turn of the twentieth century by American missionaries Rev. Arthur E. Carson and wife Laura Hardin Carson. The Lord blessed their work and the Gospel was embraced by the people of Chin who turned from their animistic religions. For years the region has been fighting to preserve their faith in Christ despite subtle pressures to convert to Buddhism. Many of our staff and students have families from Hakha who have been directly affected by this tragedy. Our ministry also has ties to many churches in the region and we are seeking to send a team to Hakha as soon as possible with hopes of bringing a hundred bags of rice and spiritual support through fellowship. The cost for such an endeavor would be roughly $4000 and any extra would allow for us to bring more aid to fellow saints who are in need of help.

If you are willing we ask for your prayers and any financial gifts to help us reach the victims of this tragedy in Hakha, Chin. Donations can be placed through our online donation page, which will be immediately allocated to the aid fund. Thank you for your support!

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Our Immediate Needs

Flood Relief - Heavy rains leading to flash floods have destroyed thousands of homes and left hundreds of people without adequate food in Chin State, Myanmar. Donations to flood relief will be used in the immediate future to provide rice to beleaguered families.